Friday, April 3, 2009

Puerto Vallarta

I know i haven{t blogged in forever. I{m now in puerto vallarta with my roommate/best friend vacationing. we got here yesterday night. unfortunately not in time to see the city before the sun went down, but i{m not complaing. please ignore the weird symbols, mexican keyboard is different than american keyboard and i{m not going to make the effort to figure it out. i only paid for an hour of time.

so anyways, we are having an awesome time. sat on the beach, had some drinks, soaked up some sun, maybe a little too much, and it is only our first day. i would post more pictures, but that takes way too much time. just want to let you know we are safe and sound, having the time of our lives. miss you all at home, and i{m pretty sure you should be jealous of us in our 80 degreee wather. love you.yes we have our own mini bar, refilled every two days...i think this is trouble....fridge refilled every two dayscristina at the michael jackson show drinking a mexican fly...(note to self, does not taste good, do not order again) cristina after working, then flying and not sleeping, not too bad...we are on vacation, we can{t complain that much. we are talking....didn{t i forget to mention unlimited....(again, not going to take the effort to flip the pictures the right way, limited time here, so just deal)

yep....that is what we are hanging out in....jealous, i think so
loving the sun....this is paradise
beach babe
the fountain at our resort...i{ll post a better picture later

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fight Gone Bad

Fight Gone Bad really wasn't that bad. It was fun to help coach everyone through the classes. The energy that everyone had really helped when it was my turn up to bat. There were a few points during the workout when I thought I might die and could no longer pick up the bar/ball, but my partner Kate and Nate/Tina/Melissa/Dev/Aaron/Nadine were all very helpful in pushing me, instead of listening to the voices inside my head that were telling me I was crazy. Because of that I think I made a great improvement from the previous time. I also think it helped that I started on the push press, which is a great exercise for me. That is where I made some huge gains from the last time. I went from 247 to 272, which is 3 reps shy of my 6th month goal to do 275. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing because now it means that I actually have to do it again to see if I can hit 275....Hmmm..

Fight Gone Bad

Round 1 Round 2: Round 3:
PP: 33 26 20
Row: 14 11 10
Wall Ball: 20 16 13
SDHP: 19 15 15
Box Jump: 25 18 17

I think I went out too hard at the push press. Cause my numbers dwindled quickly. I guess I will have to figure out ways to strategize this better. Until next time.

Friday WOD

Didn't really do much, just wasn't feeling it. It has been one of those weeks. I think i did some med ball cleans and stopped at the 50 lb because it felt very heavy.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


25lb kb
8 halo
10 goblet squat
5 windmill

Push press 2 warmup rounds then
65/80/95/105/115x2 (I just can't do that last rep)

Everyone loves the NATINA

Row 250m
20 Ball Slams- 16 lb
Run to end of driveway and back
Rest 3:00 min
3 rounds


I thought I couldn't walk there for awhile there at the end. My legs hurt so much. But I guess my running has improved significantly from the last time we did this workout, so that is good.

Tuesday WOD

15 pass thrus
10 OHS
75 jump rope

4 rounds
Pullups- 1 dead hang, 4 kipping/10 kipping/5 kipping/8 kipping (my hands hurt really bad from Saturday's max pull ups)
10 leg curls
5 snatch each arm- 25/25/35/35

4 rounds

renegade lunge- 25
heavy jump rope
double kb clean- 25
shuttle run

I was not feeling the workout. Somewhat surly and tired. I think I was still recovering from snowboarding this weekend.

Monday WOD

3 rounds

10-goblet squat
10- H2h swing
5- 1 arm clean and press
5- spiderman


Front squat- 2 warmup rounds, then

PR again, pretty excited about that. I'm curious to see what next week will be like.

How many rounds in 15 minutes?

10- push ups
10- flip, catch & squat
10- box jumps
35lb kb the first round, and then i went down to the 25lb kb. I was so tired from snowboarding I could barely move.

8 rounds, just 3 box jumps shy of 9. Oh well.

Sunday WOD

One of my favorite WOD's

Ride chairlift up mountain
Snowboard down hill

How many rounds in 6 hrs?

I think we did 8-12. I lost count.